About The Author, Dennis Gittelson

Dennis Gittelson

I was born on March 20, 1946 in Los Angeles, and lived there most of my life.  I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology and a minor in political science in June, 1968.  My senior year was focused on the psychology and politics of Black and White race relations.  When Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in April, 1968, I changed my plan to go to law school.  That summer, I worked on an inter-racial discussion project in Minneapolis.

I became a hippie in Venice Beach, California from 1969 to ‘71.  We were all peace, love and humanitarian oriented.  I read spiritual books, listened to different spiritual teachers, had many mind-opening experiences.  My friends were spiritually minded also, and I started developing spiritually.  I helped many people, and taught at some alternative schools.  I wrote spiritual essays, made copies, and gave them for free to people who I thought might be interested. I wrote a few books on spiritual subjects over the next several years though none of them were published.

I was still a hippie and part of a spiritual community from 1972 to ‘75.  We were an informal group living near each other.  We had a very charismatic leader who taught us much spiritually.  We had weekly pot luck dinners and discussions afterwards.  Most of us were vegetarian.  I was vegetarian from ’69 to about ’74.  We were mostly artists and craftsmen.  I’d have a spiritual discussion center at the fairs. 

Through the mid-90’s, I was part of the New Age community in Los Angeles.  “New Age” covers a wide range of spiritual and humanitarian subjects.  Though many others belonged to various groups, my friends and I were independent free spirits, mostly post-hippies.  Some of us practiced meditation and yoga.  We saw each other at various parties and events. 

We felt we were the wave of the future to bring peace to the world by putting our abilities to use with common ideals.  We had to make a living which left little time for big ideas.  Though many Christians are against the “New Age”, we were actually practicing Christian ideals without calling it anything.  There are some remnants of the movement, but it’s basically obscure now.  We were among the first environmentalists in the 60’s.  We started the health food and holistic health movements.  We created New Age music which is known under various names.  It’s often used for meditation, relaxation and stress reduction.

I learned mechanical drawing by hand before it became computerized, and practiced it for nine years.  I worked mainly for Panavision, the most well known name in motion picture cameras.

I learned computer word processing, and worked several places both permanent and temporary as an administrative assistant.

In the 80’s, I had a friend who was a good channel of his own higher self.  That means he was receiving information from a higher source.  I would ask the questions so he could meditate.  He received several answers contrary to his own opinions or desires.  We learned a lot about spirituality and ourselves.

From about early ’93 to early ’96, I lived in the mountains in Ojai, California, just north of Los Angeles in a small community of spiritually oriented friends.  I had a cabin on a creek with a cat and two dogs.  We were all independent, though we had a community kitchen which was vegetarian.  I was vegetarian part of that time.  We had weekly meetings and mainly discussed living together.

I lived in Sedona, Arizona from about May ’96 to October ‘98.  It’s a very spiritual place, and I met many extraordinary people.  I was a volunteer and employee at two spiritual foundations.  I learned about pendulums there and had a relationship with a spirit woman who loved me very much for a few years.

I moved back to Los Angeles, and lived with my sister for a few months which worked out very well.

I was next an apartment manager for a year.

In August ’99, I met a spirit guide. He has answered hundreds of questions since through a pendulum and never missed even once.  The answers were perfectly clear.  Our communication came to an end in June and July of 2013.  

I was single most of my life until 2001.  Women always liked me as a person, said I was “sweet” and “interesting”, but I wasn’t the one they wanted to settle down with.

I was in a relationship from 1973 to ’77, living together a couple of those years.

I was in a relationship from ’79 to ’82, and we had a son in ’81.  I was a good father for six years until problems between his mother and I took us apart.  I offered to reconnect with my son in about ’94, but he didn’t want to.  She died of cancer in December ’07, and I was reunited with my son in July ’08.  Since I live in Illinois, we keep in touch by phone and e-mail.  He’s been homeless for 2..5 years and working his way out of it.  I do what I can.                                     

I was with a lady in ‘72, we went different ways, and came back together from ‘84 to ‘89.  I was foolish to let her go, but introduced her to her husband to be who gave her a better life than I could have so I’m happy for her.

I moved to St. Louis in 2000.   I met my girlfriend/wife there in May, 2001, just across the Mississippi in Illinois where we had a comfortable home life.  She was alcoholic, had liver trouble and I took her to see several doctors.  I got her a vintage ring which she cherished, and I brought her flowers every few weeks which helped keep her happy.  On February 1, 2013, we had a very friendly separation.  We were good friends.  Our lives just went in different directions.   She died of liver failure a few years later.

In 2014 I met a Chinese lady.  She had been in the United States about 24 years and spoke fairly good English.  We lived in a apartment for a couple of years.  Then I took a nearby apartment for a couple of years.  Then her son bought her a condominium.  We see each other often and have a good relationship.  It’s now July 2021.

I wrote this website in 2011 and 2012.  In 2021 I’ve been editing it and making some additions, mostly in the last chapter called Insights.