God Is

God is Infinite Unconditional Love.
God is the Common Source of our lives.
God is not any religion.
God is here now.
Be aware of it,
And act accordingly.

God is Good,
Almost the same word.
Anything else is not directly of God.

God forgives everything instantly,
Before we even ask.

When we act in negative ways,
We act contrary to God
No matter what our justifications.

God does not punish us for our errors.
The law of karma,
“As you sow, so shall you reap”,
Teaches us automatically over lifetimes.
(See  “Reincarnation”.)

God does not intervene in our affairs,
Which would interfere with our free will,
Karma and circumstances.
(See article of same name)
However, God does influence us
Through our conscience
If we’re open to it.

God Created us as eternal spirits.
We find ourselves in physical bodies
Which have evolved through history.
We are also in a spiritual evolution
Towards realization of our Oneness with God.

                  God Has No Name

God created us as eternal spirits.
We drifted away from Him
Which created the need for physical bodies.
We created many gods in our imagination,
But there is only one real God
Who has no name.
We’ve given God many names
Which created an apparent separation from each other and Him.,
If we could return to our spirit selves,
There would be love and peace on Earth.                                     


                       God Is Love

This is a common expression,
More literal than most might think.
Love is more than a quality of God.
God is the Source of Love,
The basic principle of Life.
Regardless of any religion or thought,
Our life is within God
Whether there seems to be love or not.
Where there is love,
God is there.
(A Course In Miracles)
Only Love is Real,
Everything else is illusion.
Only God is Real,
Everything else is illusion.
God is Love.
God is everywhere.
Love is everywhere


             God’s Love Within

It’s more than we can know or feel,
And yet it still is very real.
It alone can bring us peace,
That will stay and never cease.
It’s the love within,
And between each other.
It’s in the way we see
And treat another.

It’s more than what we buy or have,
Not all the things we want.
It’s just the thing we really need
To make our life complete.

There’s nothing else that’s like it.
More valuable than the rest
And free if we’ll just take it.

It seems to be so far away,
And yet it’s very close.

In God’s sight it doesn’t matter
Whether we win or loose
When love is in our hearts.

It inspires us to do our best,
Even when behind the rest.
It gives us strength and courage
When all seems nearly lost.
It’s the hope of something better
In this life or beyond

The light of Love keeps shining
However dark it is.
Now we must keep holding on,
And soon will come the light of dawn.


             Proof of God

The very fact that you exist proves that God exist.

God is a unity, not a trinity.

You don’t need to be a God fearing person,
You need to be a God loving person.



             God Did Not Create The Earth

God created a lower god
Who created the Earth.



There are at least three kinds of miracles.
The first is for those who have great faith.
The second is for those of God’s choosing.  Some may have a special mission to complete. Why He chooses some and not others is beyond our understanding. Those who seem to die do not really die, they just lose their bodies and are transferred to another dimension, often Heaven, but sometimes Hell.
The third kind is not really a miracle, but a synchronicity (see “Synchronicities and Coincidences”).  They may seem to be miraculous coincidences, but are actually karmic synchronicities.

Mary is not the mother of God.
God has no mother


The Family of God

We’re all God’s children.  We’re all each other’s brothers and sisters.  We love those in our family whether they’re good, bad or in between.


The Tree of God.

God is like the seed that grows into the trunk of a tree.
The many cultures, religions and other groups are like the branches from the trunk.
We are like the leaves on the branches all coming from the same seed and trunk that is like God.
It is ridiculous for one branch to fight another.
We’re all parts of the tree of God.


If God is Love, Why is there Suffering?

There are three main reasons:
Free will misused for selfish or greedy purposes, violence including war and the karmic reactions from this life or previous lives.  God said You shall not kill.  He did not say except in war.
Collateral damage: Being closely associated with those who have misused their free will or are violent.
Accidents.  There is not a good reason for everything.  Some things have a bad reason or no reason.

God’s Will and Our Free Will

God’s Will is Infinite Unconditional Love for the good of all.
God gives us Free Will.
Our  will is whatever we want it to be.
If we are wise, we will let ourselves be as clear lenses
For God’s Love to inspire our free will.
Then, whatever we do will be for the best of all including ourselves.

In any situation, there are many values, people, and things to consider.
It’s a matter of priorities.

Imagine an inner compass that is aligned with God’s Love,
And points in the best direction for each individual and the good of all.
We have our free will to align with God’s Will in our own unique way
Or go another way.
The best way to sense God’s primary motivation for us
Is to relax or quiet our minds, and listen with our hearts.

To look at our history of violence and wars, cruelty and inequality,
It’s clear that we as a whole have not been going God’s Way,
Even though we believe we are.

If we picture God like the Sun,
To assert our own will contrary to God,
Is like an eclipse of the Sun.
The Light of Truth does not shine through.
To the degree that we eclipse God’s Light with our egos,
We misguide ourselves.
This can only lead to disasters.
Let us be as clear lenses for God’s Light of Love.


God, Religion, and Spirituality

There is only One True God, the Source of everything,
Who has been known by countless names
Throughout the history of the Earth and the Universe through all of time and eternity.

God has no name though God has been called by hundreds of different names.
(See “The Name Of God”)
There is no “sacred name of God” to conflict with other “sacred names of God”.
Though we appear to pray to different Gods, it’s really the same One God in the end.

The various religions are reflections of those cultures understandings of God,
And what they felt in their collective subconscious psyche would be the appropriate response.

God listens to our hearts, not our words.
Natural meditation is spiritual, not religious.
A common form of natural meditation is to release one’s busy thoughts as much as possible,
Center the mind on the breath, and seek an alert and calm state of mind.
Other common forms of natural meditation are similar centering the mind on a constant sound, a flame or visual image.
A clear and calm mind helps release the false ego, allowing the conscience and God’s influence to be felt.  (See “Meditation”.)
Centering the mind on a chant, ritual or image of a particular religion may be helpful to calm the mind.
However, it has the problem of building walls between other religions, creating differences, separation and not unity.
As long as you have love in your heart and not anger you’re good with God.
Nobody’s perfect, but close enough will get you into Heaven.
There is no “word of God” or sacred scripture that is the only true one to the exclusion of all others.
God’s “word” is written in our hearts, not any one book.
Throughout history, every religion has been convinced that it is the only one true religion.
None of them are.
Though religions have done some good,
They have also built walls between people of other religions which creates fear of them,
And leads to “holy” wars (a contradiction of terms).
The “Christian” crusades were “holy” wars against the Muslims and others.
Now many Muslims are in a “holy” war against Christians.
That’s karma, what you do to others will be done to you in one life or the next.

Spirituality is the essence of God’s Love and Truth within us.
It has no form or structure.
It’s expressed in all religions.
No religion has a monopoly on it.
It’s a state of being.
It is only Love.
(See “What Is Spirituality”)


The Name Of God

All of the religions throughout history have had their own names for God.  None of them are correct.  The different names have brought conflict and even war.  This is certainly not what God intended.

God has no verbal name.  The closest we can come to a name for God is the thought behind “I Am” in every language.  Our New Testament Bible is close where it says that God’s name is “I Am that I Am” (“that I Am” is not necessary).  “I Am” means I exist.  God is the Source of our common existence.

We are all One.  Ultimately, we all have the same Identity which is God.  We might think of God as the root of the Tree of Life and we are the leaves.  We might also think of the spiritual Christ as the branches.  Jesus said, “I am the vine”.  The man Jesus was speaking as the spiritual Christ.

The name of God is the thought behind the word “love” in every language.  God Is Love and Love Is God.  When we say “I love you” we are really saying that I recognize or feel God between us.  There is a common Hindu greeting “Namaste” which means I recognize God within you.

The name of God is the thought behind the words “I am love” (in every language).  The name of God is even the thought behind the word “I”.

We might do a meditation on the thought behind the words “I Am”.  One might even ring a bell or gong.  With each slow repetition of the words, thought, or vibration of the bell or gong, we can go deeper within ourselves to the common “I Am” which we all are” feeling more love each time.


What Is Faith In God?

Faith is mainly that God exists,
And that God created us as eternal spirits.
We can be with God in a heavenly state
Of Love, Peace and Joy after this life.

Regardless of the hardships, pain, and suffering,
And horrors of this world,
God still exists.

Like a dark cloudy day,
The Sun is still shinning behind the clouds.

We can hope and pray
That we will get what we want
In this life,
But there are no guarantees,
Even for people of faith in God.
In a few cases of extreme faith,
Miracles are possible.


 Why Have Faith in God?

 If you tell yourself,
“I have faith in God
For a better life after this”
You are helping yourself now.

 If you tell yourself,
“I don’t have faith in God
For a better life after this”
You are not helping yourself now.

The positive attitude that faith brings
Is a benefit and comfort in itself.
It’s not an illusion or self-deception.
It really helps both now and hereafter.


                      Hold on to Your Faith in God

Even in the storms of life
When you seem lonely and lost
Hold on to your faith in God.
Even if you can’t understand at the time,
Everything will come out well,
In this life or beyond.
The Light of Love keeps shinning
However dark it is,
Now we must keep holding on,
And soon will come the light of dawn.

Faith begins where knowledge runs out.
Many people think,
“I don’t believe what I can’t see.”
But you can’t believe
What you don’t understand
Unless you have faith.


                      God is like a ball covered with many mirrors.

Each person, culture or religion sees just one of these sides and thinks it’s the whole God.
They see a reflection of themselves that becomes their image and beliefs about God.
That’s why we all need to learn from each other.
Each one is a part of the whole truth of God.
The whole truth of God is beyond our capacity to understand.
It’s like rays of sunlight coming from God to our hearts.
If we reject, ignore and fight with the others, we lose their part of the whole truth of God.
We must get beyond reaction against those who seem very different, and realize that we are all children creations of the One God.


             Doubts About God

There are many things that are not certain,
And should be doubted.
Doubt shows an open mind.
Those who don’t doubt
Are either definitely right
Or definitely wrong.
Many have doubts about God.
Many are too certain about their idea of God.
But once you really understand
The God of Love and no religion
There must be no doubt.


         Thank God/ Don’t Blame God


We should thank God
For our lives as eternal spirits.
Created in love, peace and joy
Happiness and bliss.
To which we can return.

God gives us subtle guidance
For which we are thankful.
However, we must not confuse
Our own ideas, feelings and opinions
For God’s guidance.

When times are difficult
We often pray to God
For what we want.
When it comes true
We thank God
For answering our prayers.

When our prayers
Seem not to be answered
We are often upset with God,
Lose faith or stop believing in God.

If we thank God or Jesus
For everything that goes well,
Then we’ll blame them
When things don’t.

They’re not deciding what each of us
Will or will not receive in every situation.
We’re in a Karmic system
That determines most of that
Along with circumstances, and chance.
(See “Free Will, Karma, Fate, Circumstances and Chance”)

Many people stop believing in God
Blame or hate God
When a loved one is injured or dies,
Some great injustice occurs,
Or the church is very disappointing.
Horrible things happen every day.
“How could a loving God let this happen?”
(See “If God is Love, Why Is There Suffering?”)

A song says,
“God is watching from a distance,”
Though God is really right here.
God is not controlling, manipulating or interfering
With the affairs of this world,
Except in rare circumstances.
However God does influence us
Through our conscience.

Thankfulness and appreciation
For the kindness of others
Is a very good attitude in life,
Thank God by being thankful
Towards both God and others.

All the horrors and injustices of this world
Will be as a bad dream after this life.


                   Is God Testing Us?

Sometimes when things go wrong
And problems are created,
People say, “God is testing us.”
This may not be the case.

When we’ve gone the wrong way in life
We create our own problems.
It may seem like a test to get things right.

Sometimes there are unfortunate circumstances,
Negative influences or bad luck.
This may turn out to be a natural test
Of our character, values and choices.

Sometimes He may test us
For our learning and growth
Or to teach others.



                 “The Wrath of God” and “An Act of God”


Before our time, God was thought to be an angry God.
From those times came the term “the wrath of God”.
The errors of our ways,
Will come back to us
In this life or the next.
Life is teaching us lessons
Though the consequences of our actions,
Even though it may appear to be an accident of nature.

The expression “An act of God
Refers to accidents or natural disasters.
These disasters are brought about by
The system of this world and chance.
What we call “nature” may be destructive (See  “Mother Nature? The Earth Is In Hell”).


                             “God Damn It!” and “God Damn You!”

These are meaningless expressions.
We “damn” ourselves
Though our own ignorance,
Anger and greed.
It’s the consequences of our actions.
This also violates one of the Ten Commandments:
You shall not take the Lord’s name in vain.



God, Christ and Jesus

Most people are confused or don’t understand the difference between God, Christ and Jesus.

God is the origin of spirit or consciousness.  God created us as spirit.  We experience our consciousness as a body in the world.  Since God created us with free will, God does not interfere or intervene except on rare occasions that we call miracles.  God’s Will for us is only that we do whatever we want with love for all.  God does not have a specific plan for our lives that we’re supposed to follow, but only a general direction based on love.  God is not controlling our lives and destiny, we are.

Christ is God’s spirit or state of mind within us.  It is the same as what we call the Holy Spirit.  We’re free to base our lives and use this or any other state of mind we choose.  To the degree we use this state of mind, things go better for us and often seem to work out miraculously.  To the degree we use other states of mind, we create our own problems.  The Christ mind is one mind that connects us all like a spiritual internet.  Our heart’s desire is our real prayer, not just the words we say.  This Holy Spirit helps manifest our heart’s desire as possible and right for us.  By choosing this loving state of mind, we save ourselves from our own foolishness.

We use the term “Jesus Christ” as if it were the same thing like His first and last name.  Jesus was fully committed and based in the Christ mind.  He came to show us this state of mind that is within all of us.  Since humanity at that time rejected this state of mind, they also rejected Him.  He did not die as a ransom sacrifice for our sins.  This is a notion Christianity has invented.  The idea of a ransom sacrifice is very barbaric.  God did not want Him to die for any such reason.  Jesus Himself cannot save us from our wrong ways.  “Sins” are not immutable wrongs, but mistakes that can be corrected by learning, and choosing the Christ mind instead.

We’re told that Jesus is the one and only son of God, somehow different in nature from us.  The Christ Consciousness is God’s prime pattern for us.  Jesus was a pure manifestation of that.  We’re all children of God, and one in the Christ spirit.  The difference is that our consciousness has chosen to stray from this spirit, while The Christ remains constant to show us the way.

There is the mistaken idea that Jesus said He is the only way.  He was speaking from The Christ.  God and The Christ spirit are unconditional love that Jesus showed us.  This love is the only way to salvation from our ways no matter what it is called.  (See “None Come To The Father But Through Me”).

Some people think that Jesus is God.  He is not.  He came to show us God’s way.  Some think that Mary is the mother of God.  She is not, just the mother of Jesus who was born by Immaculate Conception (see “The Immaculate Conception Of Jesus”).  God is the prime source without mother or father.

Many people feel that they sense God or Jesus working in their lives.  The Holy Christ Spirit is within each of us to guide us if we listen.  Our heart and conscience are the doorways to this Spirit.  To the degree we follow the love for all in our heart and conscience, the Holy Spirit is able to help us.


            God Is The Savior, Not Jesus 

God is the Savior, not Jesus.
Jesus is The Messiah
That showed us God’s salvation.
Salvation means that we,
As eternal spirit consciousness,
Will be saved and continue to exist
Even after this life.
Regardless of our character.

God does not necessarily save us from Hell
If that is where we’ve sent ourselves by your mind and actions,
Even if we say we believe in God or Jesus.


                             Judgement Day

Judgement Day is a false Christian concept.
It’s the idea the one day the dead will rise,
God will judge them and send them to Heaven or Hell.
God does not judge us,
But accepts us as the pure innocent spirits He Created
Regardless of our faults.
We are still alive after physical death
In another dimension, Heaven, Hell or in between.
Where we go after death will depend
On our character development
Or spiritual evolution,
And lessons we need to learn.


What Is A Savior?

A Savior is to save us from what?
To save us from permanent death?
There is no such thing.
Since we were created as eternal spirits
(See “We Are Eternal”)
To save us from Hell?
Heaven and Hell are not two separate places
But a continuum from closer to God
To further from God
In consciousness, not physical distance.
How near or far we are from God after death
Depends on our love, actions and karma.
It does not depend on our belief in or knowledge of Jesus.
Because we have everlasting life in any case.
The idea of Jesus as a Savior
Is a construct of the Church
To keep our attendance and allegiance


       Praise God and Jesus By What We Do

Praise God and Jesus by doing what is right.
We praise them when we act
With love towards one another.
They don’t need to be worshiped,
Or have their names be praised.
They just want to be loved,
Directly, and through each other.


                We Don’t Need to Pray For God’s or Jesus’ Forgiveness

God and Jesus have never judged against us
And so they have nothing to forgive.
(See  “We Are Not Sinners”)
We do not need to pray for their forgiveness;
It’s already given.
It’s important that we recognize our mistakes,
Learn from them,
And intend to correct them in the future.


               God Prays to Us

We pray to God in hopes of making something change for the better.
God can’t change someone’s heart or mind.
One must do that from their own free will.
Often we are capable of making the change for the better,
But we don’t.
God prays to us that we will.

                                                                                                                                                                                            There, But For the Grace of God, Go I

This is a common religious expression.  However, it is not spiritually correct.
It expresses a compassionate attitude which is good.  However, it implies that God has granted some special grace to some people and not others.  And for what if any reasons?
Obviously, we are all in a wide range of circumstances that are more or less fortunate, and very unfortunate for most in the world.
There are many reasons why we find ourselves in the circumstances we do.  The first has to do with our conditions at birth both physically and in our family, community, Country and the state of the world.  Why are we here?

God Created us as eternal spirits (not physical bodies), and our consciousness has taken the experience of this world.  Most of us are here because we’ve wandered away from the One True God who has no name.  This is the God of Unconditional Love for all.  That’s the main reason why over many lifetimes, we find ourselves in many hash and apparently unfair situations.  Even the innocent babies may well have had past lives doing anything from personal cruelty and abuse to mass murders in wars.  They may have abused others as they are abused.  Some are more innocent.  They come here to do good things in God’s eyes whether they understand or believe in God or not.

In addition to the circumstances of our birth, there are several other factors that will develop our direction and future conditions.  First is what kind of a spirit is born into each body in its circumstances.  One spirit who is born with a highly developed character may do better than others in similar circumstances.  To a large degree, we create our own fate by the consequences of the decisions we make (karma).  Unfortunately, in this world there are elements of chance, luck and innocent victims.  Many good people who have made good decisions may find themselves subject to others and circumstances they may not deserve.  Others may find themselves apparently fortunate for no good reason.

It’s only natural for most of us to feel sorry or sympathetic for those in less fortunate or very unfortunate conditions.  However, for the most part, we have gotten ourselves into our circumstances through decisions and actions from past lives of which we have no memory as well as this life.

God did not bless some and curse others.  It is not just for God’s Grace that we are in more fortunate circumstances than others.
Perhaps this expression should be rewritten: “There but for fortune, go I”.  This expresses compassion for those less fortunate, whether it be due to their own decisions and actions or unfortunate circumstances beyond their control.

If you are moved to help others, do so.  If you are not, don’t feel guilty.


                      “Where Two Or Three Are Gathered In My Name There I Am”

There is a common Christian saying, “Where two or three are gathered in My Name there I Am”.
This is not quite correct.
It should be “Where any one is there I Am”.
Since God is The Source of Life within each one of us, God is present in every one.
It doesn’t require two or three in God’s Name for God to be present, though God is there also.

Inspirational Thoughts 

Be centered in God’s Light
To do just what is right.

Men and women come and go,
But God is always there beyond this world.

God is the “elephant in the room”
That nobody wants to acknowledge.

God is the One
That we all are.

Because we’re all One
Everyone loves everyone.


There is no such thing as “the face of God”.

He has no physical form.
He is universal consciousness.
One of the Ten Commandments is no pictures of God.
It only leads to conflicts between religions.


The Universal Life, Love and Light of God

Universal Life of God
Universal Love of God
Universal Light of God