Start In Your Heart


Faith goes beyond what you understand.
It is the bridge between this world and the next.
Faith is the power to believe when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. (Valerie)

Spirit and Soul

Most people don’t know the difference between spirit and Soul.  We use them interchangeably.
We are each spirits and have a body.  God is the Soul of us all.

Guilt and the Subconscious

Guilt is a violation of the conscience.
The guilt remains in the subconscious indefinitely until the person recognizes the wrongs.
The person must recognize the wrongs that were committed.
Until the person recognizes the wrongs, it remains in the subconscious like dead weight, and causes other problems.
He needs to forgive himself and others.
He needs to make amends by an apology to the ones he hurt when possible.
If the other person is not available, he needs to make amends within himself.


Appreciate Each Other’s Cultures

Each culture thinks it’s the right culture, race or religion.
However, we are each a piece of the whole truth.
Once we understand that, we respect, learn and cooperate with each other for the greater peace in the world.
Like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece needs to fit together to see the whole picture.

Mother Nature 

The Earth is Mother Nature is a common expression.
The Earth is both beautiful and terrible.
The beauty attracts us here.
Many people feel close to God in nature.

The Earth is also full of pain, injuries, suffering, disease and death.
The Earth is violent and cruel,
There’s greed and poverty,
Fires out of control, tsunamis and floods,
Tornados and storms, winds and hurricanes,
Lightning and hail that that cause damage and strike us.
There’s earthquakes and volcanoes.
Wild animals that kill each other
And sometimes get us.
Before us were dinosaurs for millions of years.
 Sometimes it’s too hot and sometimes too cold.
Sometimes a drought that ruins our crops
And kills our animals too.
Though we depend on the Earth for our food and nutrition
Sometimes we have too little water or food, malnutrition and famine.
Sometimes danger or violence that kills us all in the end.

The Earth is like a huge beautiful prison
Full of money, jewels, power and all you could want,
But you don’t realize what comes with it.
The Earth is hardly a kind and loving mother.
There is no death.

We are eternal spirits. 


Love’s in need of love today.  (Stevie Wonder)

Let’s work with each other, not against each other for the good of us all.

Love is a basic attitude of how you feel about everyone.

Free will means that you are free to make your own choices and mistakes, and learn from the consequences.

Whatever the problem, love is the answer.

Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?

It’s hard to be angry or upset when you’re laughing.

Happiness is doing the right thing.

Your heart is the place to start when things are or seem to be wrong, difficult or hurtful.

A synchronicity is like a coincidence with meaning.

Meditation is focusing your mind inward.
Focus your mind on your heart.

You do not have a spirit.
You are a spirit,
And have a body.
It’s incorrect to say “my spirit”.
It’s correct to say “the spirit that I’m from”.

Those we call spirits are people or spirit people and are human.

We were born spiritual.
Many people and religions seek spirituality in their own culture.
No matter what culture you are, the same truth is within us.


Marijuana can help open your heart
It helps you relax
Which can help open your heart.



When you realize that you’ve hurt someone, you might say “please forgive me”.
The other person has no power to release the guilt you feel.
You need to fully realize what you’ve done wrong, and feel sorry for it.
You can tell yourself that you’d never make the same kind of mistake again.
And follow through in the way you live.
That’s self-forgiveness.


The Road You’re On

Whatever road you’re on,
You’ll meet someone farther along the same road.
Is this where you want to go?


A Reason to Fight

It’s the lower nature of man
To fight and be at war.
They only need a reason to fight.


Spiritual Ascension and the Subconscious

We are in a process of rising to higher spiritual levels called ascension.
Our subconscious holds many things including things we don’t want to remember.
Though these problems may be in the past, they hold us down now.
It takes a lot of soul searching to find what we’ve hidden from ourselves.
As these are discovered, they need to be released.
Anger, resentment and guilt are three of the most common problems.
Traumas need to be released.
Self-acceptance is an important key to discovering the subconscious.
As you let go of these heavy inner burdens, your energy can rise.


Laws, Rules and Common Sense

Most laws and rules are for our own good.
However, sometimes common sense will tell you otherwise.
Many people stick to the rules to keep their job even if it is harmful or causes a problem.
This is a very difficult dilemma, and there’s no good answer now.
We need to build into our laws and rules exceptions where common sense and humanitarian values can be used.


Spiritual Ideas

Many people believe and tell their children that when you die your spirit goes to Heaven.
What is your spirit?
You are spirit and you go to Heaven.

A good inner self is the primary you.
The outer self is your personality and things you do and say good or bad.

Some of us came here by choice for ourselves or to help others.
Some of us came here by karmic necessity to learn to change our ways.

The eyes are the window to the spirit.

One’s ego is not your true self, but a mask that covers it.

Sometimes when you’re quiet you may sense a relative or friend who has passed on.
They are alive in another dimension and may be near you.
You may think it was just your imagination.
It may be, but it may be your relative or friend.
If you listen deeply, you may hear them.

Some people especially women are spiritual and don’t even know it.
It’s in their love and good nature.

Be in love.

Many people are looking for someone to be in love with.
Love is a state of mind.
You can just be in love within yourself.

Peace is natural.

Some countries think they can bring peace through war.
War will never bring peace.
Peace comes from caring about everyone
Including the ones you think are your enemies.
Jesus said “Love your enemies”.

We’re like eggs.

As the chicken inside grows, the egg shell must crack.
We’ve been living in a world of egg shells, not knowing what’s inside.
The baby chick emerges as the real self.
Our usual self must crack so our real self can emerge.

The purpose of confession.

We all have unresolved problems in our conscious mind and our subconscious.
Confession helps to resolve these problems.
Confession is usually to a priest or other person.
You can also confess or recognize the wrongs yourself.
If you don’t resolve the problems, anger and guilt in your subconscious,
You will undermine yourself.


Free Will and Fate

As we use our free will
We determine our own fate.

Many people think that everything happens for a reason.
Some things happen for a reason,
But everything does not happen for a reason.

Many churches teach prosperity and abundance.
Jesus and St. Francis lead very modest lives.

Don’t praise the Lord.
Follow the Lord.

A verbal or physical attack on another
Is an attack on oneself first.

Every failure is a success
If you learn something from it.

My religion is love.

Jesus said “love your enemy”.

With compassion you can see that they have the same problems, fears and hopes that you do.
With greed as the primary motive there will never be an end to fighting and wars.
With kindness we could all help each other and get along peacefully.

If the foundation of a building is crumbling
The whole building is crumbling.
This applies to both buildings and society.

 Yin Yang

The symbol of Yin Yang is is an ancient Chinese symbol.
It represents the Light and Dark sides of us.
The Light side represents the goodness within us.
The Dark side represents the negative side within us.
The small Dark circle in the Light side represents the Dark side within the Light side.
The small Light circle in the Dark side represents the Light side within the Dark side.

This Is Not Real Life

This life has the constant possibility and threat of death as well as the inevitable certainty of death.
Real life is eternal in spirit without a body with no possibility of death.

A fool dreams of wealth, a wise man of happiness. (Turkish proverb)

Treat women as equals and everything will be better.

People who think they are superior to others are actually inferior.

Women have love, men have power.
Love is more important than power
Because love is the ultimate power.

Love is stronger than jealousy.

Thinking in tandem is thinking the same thing together.

The hierarchy of egotistical superiority
Is when those who think they are greater take advantage of those who seem to be inferior.
This needs to come to an end.

The tension of the lower life leads to attention to the higher life.

Most of our problems are the weight of our egos working against us repressing our spirits.

What we say about others for better or worse says more about ourselves than it does about others.

We are the bearers of light of what is right in spite of those with little sight and too much might.

Miracles are glimpses of the higher reality.

Love gets our egos out of the way so miracles can happen naturally.

Most people think “I don’t believe what I can’t see”.
But you can’t see what you won’t believe.

Let it all go.
What is true will remain and the rest doesn’t matter.

Imagination can be a door to reality.

Our heart is the door to what we need
And love is the key that opens the door.

Our real selves are eternally at peace.

The best things in life are not things.

We can clear up our relations with each other
By clearing up our relation with God.

What you see is temporary. What you don’t see is eternal.


Many people do not like to believe in chance.
They’d believe that God or Jesus is in control of everything.
If that were the case, how could the world be in the condition it’s in?
Chance seems like a very unfair factor in life.
However, we chose the road of life we take.
A good road will more likely bring chances of good fortune.
A bad road will more likely bring chances of misfortune.

Don’t Give Up

Anything worthwhile is worth doing.
There are many obstacles.
They are usually within ourselves.
Remove inner obstacles.
Sometimes we must wait
Or find a different way to accomplish the same thing.
Sometimes outer circumstances block progress.

In some cases we must cease useless efforts.
It’s important to be able to distinguish
Between inner obstacles and outer ones.
In some cases, it’s wiser to give up, at least for the time.
Whether you continue, try a different way or give up
Keep a positive attitude about yourself.
And don’t give up on life.

Everyone is doing their best
For what they understand at the time.

There is no such thing as ex-communication from God,
So there cannot be such a thing as ex-communication from a church which is suppose to represent God.

Speaking in toungs” is nonsense gibberish, not inspired.

What Is A Blessing?

A blessing would be a favor from God.
Such occurrences must be very rare.
“God bless you” is a nice sentiment, but God doesn’t bless someone just because one says so.

Your character becomes your destiny.

Mantra Meditation

I open my mind to peace.
I open my mind to peace.
I open my heart to love.
I open my heart to love.
I open my soul to joy.
I open my soul to joy.
(author unknown)

Relationships and Your Heart

Many people are afraid of opening their heart to their partner for fear that if the relationship doesn’t work they would be very hurt. However, opening your heart to your partner gives you the best chance for a happy and successful relationship.
Keeping your heart closed for self-protection is more likely to ruin the relationship.

Moods Are Contagious

Happiness is contagious.
Anger is contagious.
Peacefulness is contagious.
Hostility is contagious.
Humility is contagious.
Egotism is contagious.
Depression is contagious.
Confidence is contagious.
Love is contagious.

Look for the good in others.

UFOs Are Real Extraterrestrials

There is a fear of acknowledging that UFOs are real extraterrestrials.
The evidence is beyond question if you look for it.
The fear is that they may be hostile
And have not been acknowledged by mainstream science.
Those who try to debunk them are the real crackpots.

Judgments of Others

We hold ourselves hostage
By our judgments of others.
We free ourselves
By forgiving them.
Though they may be wrong
They’re at the limit of their understanding and maturity.


Obedience to your own conscience
Is the same as obedience to God
As best you understand.

There Is No Enemy

Since we’re all one,
There is no enemy
Except the ones we imagine.
There is no rationalization for war.
There’s always a better way
If we open our hearts and minds.

If you think you know it all,
You don’t.
You’re just not open to new ideas.


Outer beauty or lack of it
Makes us blind to inner beauty.

The idea that you will go to Hell
Because your parents weren’t married
Or that you are somehow inferior
Is ridiculous.

Free Enterprise

Free enterprise is the freedom of the wealthy
To take advantage of the rest.
A society based on economic dominance cannot endure.
Only a society based on humanitarian principles can endure.

For peace in ourselves and the world,
We must put love ahead of money.
God is love, not money.

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms.
This was meant for protection from the British
In the times of the Revolutionary war.
The Founding Fathers never imagined
Automatic assault rifles used to kill innocent civilians.

We also have the right to own cars.
But they must be registered and insured
And we must follow many laws.
The same must be true with guns and rifles.
There needs to be sensible restrictions to the Second Amendment
Including background checks.


Smoking cigarettes is definitely a form of suicide.

Pain and Suffering

Since we’re all one
Everyone’s pain and suffering is your pain and suffering.
If you were to feel it, it would be overwhelming,
So we must block it out.
With some degree of sympathy and empathy
We can help others as much as we can.


The Jewish people of today were the Hebrews of the past.
They believed that Canaan was their promised land.
Canaan is now Israel.
The Jewish people believe that God promised them Israel.
This is not true.

Before 1945, what is now Israel was Palestine.
The Jews felt they had a right to displace the Palestinians in a war,
Occupy and control the areas where they were displaced.
This is the heart of the mid-East crisis.
All the Arab countries are with the Palestinians
And want to totally destroy Israel.
The solution is an independent State of Palestine
Which the Israelis will not allow.

“The Chosen People”

The Jews are often called “The Chosen People”.
Chosen for what?
Chosen to be responsible to God
And lead the way to peace.
This is hardly the case.
They are creating chaos, danger and war in the middle east and the world.
[I was born Jewish, but I recognize the truth.]

Life is a school.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily activities
And forget what it’s all about.
Love and caring for others is what it’s all about.
We have much to learn in our spiritual evolution.
It takes many lifetimes. (See “Reincarnation”)


Nostradamus was the famous 16th century psychic.
He was also a physician and instrumental in stopping the Black Plague.
He realized it was caused largely by unsanitary conditions
Which he helped to improve.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce lived in Kentucky from the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s. He was known as “the sleeping prophet”. He had no medical training. He went into a trance state, was given the name and location of the patient anywhere in the world and made accurate medical diagnoses with no physical examination. He mainly prescribed herbal and folk remedies that were largely successful. His 40 years of readings were all recorded. He was a traditional Sunday school teacher. After 20 years, in a trance he was asked about reincarnation which he affirmed. His future readings showed how past life problems lead to medical problems in the current life, and gave suggestions for improvement. He also gave readings about world conditions that included environmental catastrophes and wars.

“There are none so blind as those who will not see,
And none so deaf as those who will not hear,”
(author unknown)

If you have to keep it a secrete, you probably shouldn’t do it.

Angels Don’t Have Wings

Angels are good spirit people in Heaven.
Sometimes they can be a good influence on us.
We commonly depict them with wings in our art.
They don’t like this image
Because it combines humans with animal parts.

I’ve always liked these images.
I collected many including one I called my special angel.
They asked me to discard these images, which I did.
I suggest everyone do the same.

We can be angels in our own ways
By accepting their influence
And do good to others.

Real Astrology

Real astrology is very different from popular astrology.
We are not just one sign or another.
We are a unique combination of all twelve signs.
Nothing in astrology is good or bad.
They are energies that can be used for good or bad.

Popular astrology is like a game of Monopoly.
It’s a game about real estate,
But it is not real estate.