What Is Spirituality?

The foundation of spirituality is love in your heart.  From love comes many qualities and virtues including goodness, kindness, caring for others, compassion, sympathy, empathy, generosity, respect, honesty, forgiveness and humility.
Spirituality has to do with listening to and following our conscience and the truth that comes from it.
Spirituality includes the belief in a loving Creator that many call God.  This God is not completely or correctly defined by any religion.  This God has no name (See  “The Name Of God”).  Names bring differences and divisions among people rather than unity.  Ultimately there is only one God who is the Creative Source of the Universe and all life.  There are other great spirits who might be called secondary creators.

Spirituality is called spirituality because it is about our true nature as eternal spirits.  God is eternal and Created us as eternal spirit beings sometimes called our soul.  Our spirit or soul has incarnations in this physical world.  (See  “We Are Eternal” and  “Reincarnation”.)

Spirituality has to do with the concept of Oneness.  Although we appear and seem to be separate from each other, in the Greater Reality we are One in God.  We are rooted in a Common Source.  (See  “We Are All One”.)

Spirituality is also prayer and meditation.  Your prayer is more what’s in your heart than the words you think or speak.  It’s what you really want on a deeper level.  Our prayers are heard by God, though they may not be answered in ways that we want, expect or hope for.  Prayer is speaking to God, and meditation is listening to God.  Basically, it’s quieting our surface mind to listen to our inner self or God.  God speaks to us through our intuition and gut feelings when rooted in our conscience.  There are many kinds of meditation.  It can be as simple as sitting quietly and need not be any specific discipline or method.  Though meditation is often associated with Eastern religions, it’s a natural experience that has nothing to do with any religion unless you make it so. There can be Christian or Jewish meditation as well.  (See “Prayer” and “Meditation”.)

A more advanced study of spirituality includes the kundalini and chakras.  Although our knowledge of them comes from Hinduism, Buddhism and Eastern religions, they are facts of life beyond any religion.  The kundalini is a spiritual energy running from the base of the spine to the top of the head along the central nervous system to the brain.  There are seven chakras or centers along the kundalini.  They correspond to different endocrine glands and the colors of the rainbow in order.

The first chakra is called the root chakra located at the base of the spine, is associated with the adrenal gland, red, and with physical and sexual energy.
The second chakra is called the sacral chakra, associated with the testes in men and the ovaries in women, orange, and with emotions and gut feelings.
The third chakra is called the solar plexus chakra, associated with the pancreas, yellow, and with the basic mind.
The fourth chakra is called the heart chakra, is associated with the thymus gland, green, and love.
The fifth chakra is called the throat chakra, is associated with the thyroid, blue, and the higher mind.
The sixth chakra is called the brow or “third eye” chakra, associated with the pineal gland, indigo, and with intuition and inspiration.
The seventh chakra is called the crown chakra at the top of the head, associated with the pituitary gland, violet, and transcendence.
In our spiritual evolution, our consciousness rises from the lower chakras to the higher.


                               We Are Eternal

 God is Eternal Spirit, the Greater Consciousness that our consciousness is within.  The foundation of spiritual truth is that we are One with God, the Source of all life.  Our true selves in spirit are also eternal, Created in Infinite Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness.  This is the basis for all spiritual thought.  To know we are immortal is to know who we are.
Our consciousness does not end at physical death, which is like waking up out of a dream.  We are aware, awake and alive in a higher dimension.  Death is like taking off old clothes or an old skin, but you are still there.
How do we come to know that we are eternal?
As The Bible says, “Seek and you shall find”.
Most people don’t really seek seriously,
And so they don’t really find out for sure.
The world and universe are beyond fantastic and awesome.
Surely a greater intelligence or God created it.
Must not that God be eternal?
Must not Love be the central principle?
And must not we be created from that same essence?
Does it make any sense
That an eternal God
Would Create temporal humans?
Does a final death
Make a lifetime pointless?

The world is a mixture of love and fear.
(See  “Love, Fear and Greed”.)
If God is Love
This world is something other
Than just the essence of God.
We’re not in Heaven.
How and why are we here?
We’ve come into this world over many lifetimes.
(See  “Reincarnation”.)
In spite of the evidence of our bodies and this world
God is Love
And we are eternal.

 In addition to such self-searching, there are some other experiences that many have had which are described in the following.  If you have not had any such experiences, you might learn from that of others.

Some people have had near death experiences where they were medically dead for a few minutes and then revived.  They may see their body and surroundings and/or a white light, or other unique experiences of great peace, comfort, and love.  This is well documented in a series on The Biography Channel called “I Survived Beyond and Back”.  Some have had negative experiences in self-created or actual hells.  Hell seems eternal when you’re in it, but it’s possible to learn, grow spiritually, and get out of it.

Some people have had experiences called astral projection where they seem to lift out of their body.  The experience gives one the sense of being beyond the body.

Some people have had psychic communication with those who have crossed over which also proves eternal life.  This has been very well demonstrated by John Edward on various television shows and his own on the Sci Fi cable network.  He consistently gives personal details that are far beyond generalities or coincidences.  Those receiving messages through him often cry in recognition of their departed loved ones.

We reincarnate in a spiritual evolution.  Lessons not learned in one life become the “karma” or lessons to be learned in the next.  We are generally the same sex from one life to the next, but some may be the opposite sex or even transsexual.  Some are homosexual which is natural to them and not a “sin”.  We have a spiritual race of origin, but may experience others.  (See “Reincarnation”.)

The real meaning of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus was to demonstrate Eternal Life in all of us.  He said we will do all that He has done and more.  He was the Son of God, yet referred to Himself as the “son of man” meaning He is like us.  He was trying to show us our own potentials.

A Course In Miracles is one of the most highly respected spiritual books in the world.  Those who study it understand it was given directly by Jesus in the 1970’s.  He makes it very clear that we are eternal and that our life is like a dream.

The phenomenon of transgender people shows that our spirit is different than our bodies.  Such people know that that they are either male in a female body or female in a male body.  For most of us, our spirit is the same gender as our body and so the difference is not obvious.  (See  “Transgender”.)

To know we are eternal is a great reason to take Eternal Responsibility for what we do in this life.  The purpose of eternal life is greater than the purpose of most mortal lives.  Our mortal purposes are usually centered around security and abundance for ourselves.  The eternal purpose has more to do with learning our true nature and the well-being of others and all.

Many people are open to the possibility that we are eternal, but are not sure about it.  It’s good to be open-minded about many things, but on the eternal foundation of life we must have no doubtsSince we are eternal, we must know it to know ourselves.


               We Are All One

Even though we appear to be separate
We’re centers of consciousness within God.
We’re like cups of water
Taken from the same ocean.
We’re like ice cubes that appear to be separate.
Warm them up and they melt as water together.
Heart them up further and they’re steam
Like God’s energy.

 We’re like a hand under water
With the fingers standing out.
They appear to be five separate fingers
But they’re really one hand.

We’re like facets of a diamond;
Different faces of the same One.

We’re all in the same boat.
It’s called the planet Earth.
Together we all sink or float.

 Let’s see ourselves and everyone
As children of our God.
We are parts of the Eternal One.
Love is the common bond.

As we find The One within ourselves
We find it in each other.

“Namaste” is a common Hindu greeting.
It means I recognize God within you.
With this as the premise,
Look at life again.


                     Inner Guidance

It may seem we’re alone
And adrift in the world.
We could go with the winds,
Take what is offered,
Or make our own way.

 We all have an ego,
An outer persona.
And our self deep inside
That we often forget.

The ego thinks it’s so smart
And wants to be in control.
Often selfish and foolish,
It has some success
But a loss in the end.

The inner self is quiet.
We must be calm to hear it.
It’s our conscience that tells us
The best way to go.

Such inner guidance
Is more valuable
Than money can buy.

 Follow Your Heart

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide



Differences and conflicts
Arise sooner or later
In all human relationships.
When they are not resolved,
We usually blame the other person,
Become angry and hold resentments.
This happens whether the other person
Actually did something wrong
Or we perceived it as wrong.
Love and forgiveness heals ourselves
And relations with others.

 We need not believe
That what was wrong is right.
Whether the “wrong” was real or perceived,
The anger and resentment
Is a mental and emotional poison
That’s self-destructive
In many ways including physical health.

Regardless of the circumstances,
It is to our own benefit
To release these negative judgments
About others.
God loves them anyway,
And so should we.
Our so-called “enemies”
Are brothers and sisters in God
Who have also been hurt
And act out in “wrong” ways.
Resentments are deeply rooted.
It may take many years or lifetimes
Of soul searching
And inner forgiveness to really release it,
Both consciously and subconsciously.

To forgive another
Is to release yourself from the anger
That’s eating you up.

As Jesus said,
“Forgive them for they knew not what they do”
This does not just refer
To those who crucified Him,
It’s a lesson for us all.

Forgiveness is not just an ideal philosophy
Or good advice,
But essential for peace of mind,
Good health and relations.



All religions believe they have the one and only truth.
Now of them do.
The one and only truth is beyond any relgion.
Religions separate themselves from each other.


                                                   Thought is the Universal Language

Spirits communicate with each other through thought.  They also communicate to us by thought.  This may come to us an intuition or whatever language we speak.


                                              Your Higher Self or Spiritual Parent

God creates spirit people.  We call them spirits.  They call themselves people.  I call them spirit people.
You are a spirit person in another dimension having an experience as a physical person.  At what we call “death”, your physical body dies, but you as a spirit person are still alive eternally in the other dimension.  Most good people will be in Heaven.  Very bad people will be in Hell.  It’s not a definite line between the two, but a gradation.

You are not alone in the Universe or in consciousness.  You have a spiritual parent of the same sex.  He or she watches over you.  We would like a comfortable life without problems.  We call our spiritual parent our higher self.  Our higher self wants to see us learn, grow and evolve spiritually.  He or she may create problems and hardships for us to overcome for our learning and growth.  Some people have problems and hardships from negative karma from past lives.  In Buddhism, the first Nobel Truth is that this life is suffering.  The other Nobel Truth are about overcoming suffering.
(See “Buddhism on Suffering”)

Some people call the higher self spiritual guides.  Your higher self is your primary spiritual guide.
Some people call the higher self an entity.  This is a very impersonal term as if he or she was just some unrelated energy.  In some cases, negative spirit people can bother you.  Some people hear their voices.  All spirit people communicate in thought, but we perceive it as voices.


                                                                          Spiritual Learning

Suppose you knew something, but forgot it.  Then someone tells you about it.  You respond, “I already knew that”.              That’s how spiritual learning and awakening is.  It’s not like learning a new subject, it’s like remembering something you already knew, but forgot.  Spiritual books, teachers and conversations are like mirrors that awaken something inside you.


Inspirational Thoughts  – Our Hearts And Love

We can have all the love
Our hearts are open to receive.

Our minds can only know
What our hearts are open to receive.

Our heart is the door
To what we need.
And love is the key
That opens it up.

Centered In Our Hearts
The consciousness of our heart
Is the center of our life.
It’s the way to God.
And finding our true self.
Most of us repress our hearts
Dark clouds and walls of fear.
Our mind goes to someplace else.
Many wrong roads taken.
But our minds need to be
Centered in our hearts.
Let your heart light the way.
Love is inner wealth.
Fear is inner poverty.
Love is healing.
Lack of love
Is the major cause
Of depression and insanity.

“He’s got the whole world in His hands.”
We’ve got the whole world in our hands.

Love gets our egos out of the way
So miracles can happen naturally.

Miracles are glimpses of a higher reality.

The tension of the lower life
Attracts the attention of the higher.

Our real selves are eternally at peace.

How you treat others
Is what kind of person you are.


Where is Your Heart?

We were created with our hearts
Rooted in Love.
We were also given free will
To keep our hearts open or closed.
The heart is like an inner light
To guide our way.

Relationships of all kinds
Eventually come to differences.
The differences are often not resolved.
Sometimes one is dominant
And the other submissive.
This doesn’t last.
There’s often accusation, defenses,
Conflict, arguments and fights.
Then we close off to each other,
Continue superficially,
Or go different ways.
In closing off to each other,
We close off to ourselves,
Clouds and walls around our hearts.

Races, religions, groups and nations
Do the same thing too.

Our selfish desires
Harden our hearts.
Hard and closed hearts
Are self-destructive.
It a kind of blindness
That’s sure to mislead.

 “Where you heart is, there your treasure lies.”
All the wealth of the world is an empty joke
Without love and peace.
We are eternal beings.
Our treasure lies first in who we are,
And then in what we have.
With our hearts more closed than open,
We try to solve our problems, but can’t.
When our hearts are open
The answers are there.

The Love in which we were created
Is the key to resolving differences.


       We Are Not Sinners

We’re children of God.
We’ve all made mistakes,
Some worse than others.
A “sin” in many minds
Is something bad, for which
We must ask God’s forgiveness,
Which we may or may not receive.

All good Christians say they’re sinners.
They think some sins
God can’t or won’t forgive,
And that you could go to Hell.

Where you go after this life
Depends on a number of things
Including your repentance and correction
Of the errors or “sins” of your ways.
You may have committed some “sins”
But you are not a sinner
At the core of your being.

 God loves and forgives us all.

God sees through the wrongs and cruel deeds
To the good child God Created.

To call yourself a sinner
Is to create unneeded guilt,
That creates psychological and physical ill health,
And that the church can use against you,
So that you’ll conform to their ways.

 A “sin” is just an error that can be corrected
Through love, learning, and good behavior.

There is an expression, “Go your way and sin no more”.
This is impossible since a sin a mistake
And we all make mistakes.
The expression should be changed to
Go your way and do your best.”



Our heart’s desires
Are our real prayers,
Not the words.
Prayer is good for reinforcing
The good qualities within ourselves.
If we pray and listen, as in meditation,
We may get the wisdom or answers we need.
If we don’t get what we want
It doesn’t mean a lack of faith.

We’ll get what our karma, circumstances, or chance attracts.
(See  “Free Will, Karma, Fate, Circumstances and Chance)
Or perhaps the unfortunate results of this world.

God, Jesus or whoever we pray to
Knows our prayer and our heart,
But the answer is in thoughts or feelings,
Not necessarily things or outcomes.
The correct thoughts and feelings
Can help us bring about
The best results for ourselves.

Praying for the good of others
Reinforces good qualities in ourselves.
Their outcome will be based on their karma,
Circumstances and chance.

Thousands of men and women go off to war,
And everyone prays they’ll return safely.
Some do, and some don’t.
Thousands of people are ill and suffering every day,
And everyone prays they’ll recover.
Some do, and some don’t.
That doesn’t mean that God picks and chooses
Who is worthy to live or not.
In any case, we all live eternally
In a beautiful world beyond this one.                                                                                              



Meditation is good medication.
It helps reduce stress
So we’re at our best.

There are many kinds of meditation.
The most basic is to sit
In a comfortable position
Short meditations, especially when needed,
Can be more useful than long meditations for most people.
Meditation has nothing to do with any religion.
It’s a natural human ability.

Some people receive spiritual guidance
Or insights in meditation.
It’s enough to just have a sense of peace, calm, and relaxation. 

You might try this meditation:
In a quiet or peaceful place.
Center your attention on the natural rhythm
Of your breathing.
Relax your mind
And think as little as possible.
Don’t be distracted by outside sounds.
Focus your mind on your breath.
Breathe in love deeply.
Let your spiritual heart a
nd lungs
Expand together.
Think and repeat inside
With each breath
“I breathe in love”.

Some focus on a sound, word, words or mantra,
A phrase to keep one’s mind on God.

You might choose any phrase
That’s meaningful and works for you.

Some meditations focus on a candle
Or a geometric image called a mandala.

There are many teachers
And groups of mediation.
Some are good if they are not controlling.
Others are controlling in subtle ways.
Yoga and Tai Chi
Are good natural meditations.
It’s enough to just sit quietly with God.



                                      Free Will, Karma, Fate, Circumstances, and Chance

God Created us with free will.
How we use our free will deteritmines our karma.
Karma is the consequences of our actions.
“As you sow, so shall you reap”
“What goes around, comes around.”

The decisions we make
Take us down different roads in life.
We are constantly creating our own future
Or fate by what we do now.

Perhaps something bad happens to us,
And we wonder
“What did I do to deserve this?”
When we take a bad road,
Bad things happen.

Those who believe in fate
Believe that some higher force or God
Has predestined something to happen
For good or bad.
Many don’t believe in fate.
Fate is largely karma.
By our actions,
We create our own fate.
But circumstances and chance
Can be a part of our fate too.

Circumstances has to do with the environment,
The public, potentials, probabilities and possibilities.
One may have karma for potential success,
But if the economy is poor
Or the public is not receptive,
The potential may not happen.
One may have the possibility
To recover from an illness,
But if a doctor is not available
The illness could get worse.

One may have the probability
To be a great athlete.
But if he had a major injury
The probability may not happen.

Even if all the circumstances
Are favorable for success,
There’s still the element of chance.
Chance is sometimes called luck,
Whether it’s good luck or bad luck.
Many people do not like or believe in chance.
They’d like to believe that God or Jesus
Is in control of everything.
If that were the case,
How could the world be
In the condition it’s in?

Contrary to the belief of many
God or Jesus is not in control of everything,
And much happens by chance.
Sometimes this is fortunate
And sometimes it’s not.

This world is very unfair.
That’s why we need faith
For a better life to come.



Most Christians believe
That the lives and bodies of the righteous
Will be resurrected on “Judgment Day”.
(See  “God Is The Savior” and “Judgment Day”)
This is a completely false concept.

Our true selves are consciousness or spirit,
Our bodies will never be resurrected
As a “physical body”,
Though it may appear so to others
In a dream or in consciousness.

The resurrection in spirit
Happens the instant after physical “death”.
Where we go is not as simple as Heaven or Hell.
There are many levels and dimensions of both.
And we will go where our karma leads us.




God is eternal
And created us as eternal spirits,
Though we are in temporary mortal bodies.
We develop and evolve over many lifetimes.
We don’t have a conscious memory of this,
But our subconscious knows and learns.

Character lessons not learned in one life
Carry over to the next.
Love, feelings, and fears carry over,
And some interests, talents and abilities
May also carry over.
This is why some child prodigies have amazing talents.
This is a good reason to improve our character
For a better life now and to come.

There are several true psychics
Who communicate with those we call “dead”
Or who have crossed over to the spirit dimension.
These “readings” include detailed knowledge
That could not be guessed.

Many people have had “near death experiences”.
Most seem to see their bodies from outside of them.
Many report a “white light”
And a feeling of great peace and love.

Hindus believe
That we can reincarnate as animals.
This is not true
Because we are in different kingdoms of life.
Through true spiritual knowledge, maturity and faith,
We gain confidence of ourselves as eternal.


                                What is Life?

Life is love.
That’s what it’s all about.

There are all kinds of love:
Romantic, family, friendships, acquaintance
And those we don’t even know.
But they’re all Love of God.

Life is a school.
We have much to learn
In our spiritual evolution.
It takes many lifetimes.
(See  “Reincarnation”.)

It’s easy to get caught up
In the daily activities,
And forget what it’s all about.
We learn many moral, human,
And spiritual lessons.
Then we need to apply them
When the situation arises.


                                       Life and Death

In this temporary mortal life
Most of us are unaware
Or dead to our eternal spirit.

Here we live with death.
Some ignore it, some tolerate it,
Accept it or fear it.
But we all have to face it.

When the time is right
“Death” is the door
To eternal life.


                            Life is a Masquerade

We are eternal spirits.
Our bodies are masks and costumes.
“We’re lost in the masquerade”
(As the song goes).

Some beautiful people,
Have unattractive masks and costumes.
Some unattractive people have beautiful ones.
But when the party’s over,
We take them off.

Is beauty just a physical condition?
An accident of birth
That will be gone with the years?
Or is beauty a state of mind
That doesn’t fade with time?
Real beauty is from the spirit
And shows in one’s heart and character.

The same is true of strength.
It seems to fade with age.
But inner strength does not.


              This World is an Illusion

[This is a very advanced concept and difficult to understand, but think about it.]

We all assume that we live
In a material world.
However, some people including Hindus
Believe that this world is a grand illusion.
Quantum physics suggest
This same conclusion.
There are vast open spaces between the atoms
So this world is more like a hologram.

 A virtual reality is a simulation of reality,
But not actually that reality.
If we were blindfolded
In front of a good stereo,
We would think we were
In front of live music.
This is an illusion of sound.

This world is like the “holodeck” on Star Trek.
It completely creates the illusion
Of another place.

We appear and seem to be separate
From each other
Which is an illusion.
We’re about as separate
As two drops of water
In a glass.

This sense of separateness
Is also the basis of our loneliness,
Isolation and conflict.

An illusion is temporary,
Reality is eternal.

Our reality is like a dream.
There is no objective physical reality.
The Reality is the thoughts and feelings
Behind the actions, words or things.

Real magic is the manipulation
Of what appears to be physical reality
Beyond our known laws of science.
It proves that our “reality”
Is an illusion
(Though the magician or illusionist
Does not claim that this is so.)

The word “illusionist” usually means
One who can create the illusion
Of something that seems impossible
By a clever trick.
A real magician manipulates the illusion Of our “reality”
To actually do something otherwise impossible.
This demonstrates potentials we all have.

There is a children’s nursery rhyme
That is more meaningful that we would think:
Row, row row you boat gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, life if but a dream.

Since we’re living in an illusion,
We must be disillusioned,
In order to see Reality.


                                                  The Theatre of Life

 It’s been said that
“All the world’s a stage”
And we are the actors.

The same actors play different roles
In different shows
Like one life after another.

Suppose we were born on a stage
In a theater with no audience seats.
No one went outside.
It was our whole world.
Then someone claims he went out
And found another world.
No one would believe him.
This life is like that theatre
With another life beyond.


                 Do You Believe in Heaven?                       

Some have an idea of Heaven,
Others have none,
And some don’t believe it.

When someone we love dies
And we must explain it to a child,
Or even to ourselves,
We often say, “He went to Heaven.”
But do we really mean it?

When someone we love dies.
And there his body lies,
Even a non-believer
Might try talking to the dead,
Hoping they may hear.
And if they did
Where would they be?
Someplace we call Heaven.

And when we’re dying,
What will we think?
Is this the end?
Or is there more?

Heaven is in God’s presence,
To one degree or another.
It’s beauty, joy, comfort and bliss,
Love and happiness
Beyond imagination.


                                We’re Like Pieces of a Puzzle

Our ego thinks it’s the most important piece.
No one piece of a puzzle makes a whole picture
Or even makes much sense.
No group of pieces makes the whole picture.
Even one missing piece makes it all incomplete.
It takes all the pieces together
To make a whole picture
And give meaning to each piece.


                                        The Four Parts of the Golden Rule

 1.     Do unto others,
        As you would have them do unto you

2.     As you do unto others,
        So you do unto yourself.

 3.     As you do unto others,
         So will be done unto you.

 4.   What you deny others,
        You deny yourself.


Synchronicity and Coincidence  “For A Reason” and “Meant To Be”

Sometimes two or more things
Happen at the same time.
It seems to be a coincidence,
But it also seems to be more than chance
With some purpose or meaning to it.

This is called a synchronicity.
Like the word synchronize.
Meaning “at the same time”.

Often when people recognize this,
They say “nothing happens by chance”
They “don’t believe in coincidence”,
“Everything happens for a reason”,
“It was meant to be” or “Not meant to be”.

 “For a reason” or “meant to be”
Implies a higher intelligence,
Or that God arranged it.

Everything that happens at the same time
Is not a synchronicity.
Some things are coincidence or chance.

Some synchronicities have a purpose
That’s obvious to see.
Sometimes it’s not seen until later,
Or not at all.

They’re spontaneous little “miracles”
That don’t need God’s help.
They happen by karmic attraction.

Our karma is the consequences of our actions
In past lives and in this one.
(See  “Reincarnation”)
If we learn, the karma is released.
If we don’t learn, it comes around again
In this life or the next.

Sometimes when bad things happen
People may say,
“God moves in mysterious ways”
 God may create things that seem bad to us.
Sometimes to teach us a lesson.
Sometimes what seemed bad at first
Turnes out to be a blessing in disguise
When something good comes from it.

Because of our own karma,
Or just a lesson in the situation.
Sometimes the reason is our own actions,
Maybe the negative action of others,
Or forces of nature.

God let this world take its own course.
He isn’t making things happen or not.

Sometimes to say
Something happened or not,
Was meant to be or not
For God’s reasons,
Is to avoid taking responsibility
For one’s own actions
That led to the results.

Death may come when God calls
Or our karma or chance determines it.


                                     Are Some People Gifted?

God Created us each with our own unique
Qualities, potentials.and gifts.
Some of these are ignored,
And others are developed.
In addition to some special gifts
Some have developed their own potentials
Over many lifetimes
To seem so “gifted” now.



We’re like children with many gifts
In boxes still unopened
And asking for more.
We need to open the gifts
That we already have,
And then we’ll find
They’re more than enough.


                                              Agnostics and Atheists

Agnostics says they don’t know whether God exists or not.
Atheists say they don’t believe in God.
It’s often necessary to be an agnostic or atheist to find God.
This is because all religions
Have misconceptions of God
That many cannot believe.
You cannot believe in a God
That is contrary to your conscience.
To be an agnostic or atheist,
Is to question or reject the false concepts of God.
This frees one’s heart and mind
To find God within themselves.