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God Is Love

About The Author, Dennis Gittelson


God Is
God Has No Name
God Is Love
God’s Love Within
Proof of God
God Did Not Create The Earth
The Family of God
The Tree of God
If God Is Love, Why is there Suffering?
God’s Will And Our  Free Will
God, Religion and Spirituality
The Name Of God
What Is Faith In God?
Why Have Faith In God?
Hold On To Your Faith In God
God is like a Ball Covered With many Mirrors
Doubts About God
Thank God – Don’t Blame God
Is God Testing Us?
The “Wrath Of God” and “An Act Of God”
“God Damn It” and “God Damn You”
God, Christ and Jesus
God Is the Savior, Not Jesus
“Judgment Day”
What Is A Savior?
Praise God and Jesus By What We Do
We Don’t Need To Pray To God or Jesus For Forgiveness
God Prays To Us
“There But For The Grace Of God Go I”
“Where Two Or Three Are Gathered In My Name There I Am”
Inspirational Thoughts
There Is No Such Thing as “The Face of God”
The Universal Life, Love and Light of God

 The Universal Christ and Jesus

The Universal Christ
The Christ Is The Light Of God Within Us
The Christ In You
The Teachings of Jesus, The Jews, Gentiles, Christians And The World
Message to the Jews
Myths About Jesus
Miracles Of Jesus
The Missing Years Of Jesus
You Don’t Need To Know Jesus To Get To Heaven – You Just Need Love
“None Come To The Father But By Me”
Jesus Did Not Die For Forgiveness Of Our Sins
The Immaculate Conception Of Jesus
Jesus May Have Not Been Crucified
Mary Magdalene
John The Baptist
Judas Iscariot
Christmas Is A Remembrance Of Our Own Christhood
Jesus May Be Living in Russia
The New Age and Christianity

Biblical History

The Bible
Creation And Evolution
The Apocrypha (Extra Biblical Writings)
The Lost Books of The Bible – Introduction, 1. Book of Enoch, 2. Gospel of Thomas, 3. Gospel of Mary Magdalene, 4. Gospel of         Nicodemus, 5. Second Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter, 6. Joseph and Aseneth, 7. Acts Of Peter, 8. Acts of Paul and Thecla, 9. Secret Gospel of Mark, 10. Gospel of Judas Iscariot, 11. Gospel of Phillip, 12. Gospel of Truth, 13. Gospel of Matthias, 14, Lost Q Source or Lost Sayings Gospel, 15. Lost Signs Gospel, 16. Dialogue of The Savior, 17. The Didache, 18. Gospel of The Nazarenes, 19. Crucified Messiah Scroll, 20. Son of God Scroll, 21. Secret Book of John or Apocalypse of John, 22. Hypostasis of Archons, 23. On The Origin of The World, 24. Eugnostos The Blessed, 25. The Wife of Jesus Christ or “Sophia of Jesus Christ”, 26. First Apocalypse of James, 27. Second Apocalypse of James, and 28. a list of more.
The Jews, Christians and Muslims
The Rapture


What Is Spirituality?
We Are Eternal
We Are All One
Inner Guidance
Thought is the Universal Language
Your Higher Self or Spiritual Parent
Inspirational Insights – Our Hearts And Love
Where Is Your Heart?
We Are Not Sinners
Free Will, Karma, Circumstances and Chance
What Is Life?
Life and Death
Life Is A Masquerade
This World Is An Illusion
The Theater Of Life
Do You Believe In Heaven?
We’re Like Pieces Of A Puzzle
Four Parts Of The Golden Rule
Synchronicity and Coincidence – “For A Reason” and “Meant To Be”
Are Some People Gifted?
Agnostics and Atheists

Psychology and Good Thinking

Positive Thinking, Prayer, Prophecy and Reality
Inspirational Insights – Positive Attitudes
Love, Fear and Greed
Nobody’s Perfect
Openness In Communication
Judgmental and Sympathetic Points Of View
Our Family And Friends Are Mirrors
Finding Our Way
The Power of an Apology
Buddhism On Suffering
Feeling Like Dying
Ego Defense Mechanisms
Control And Self-Control
Differences, Conflict, Opinions, Requests, Demands and Control
Anger: Expression, Repression and Release – Mental and Physical Health
Don’t Hate Your Parents
Growth From Adversity
Building Character
The Best Advice For Any Situation

Social Issues

In Praise Of Women
The Oppression And Exploitation Of Women
Hippies and The New Age
Stem Cell Research And Development
Legalization Of Marijuana
Legalization of Prostitution and Adultery
The Road of Love and The Wrong Road


Start In Your Heart
Spirit and Soul
Guilt and the Subconscious
Appreciate Each Other’s Culture
Mother Nature
Marijuana Can Help Open Your Heart
The Road You’re On
A Reason to Fight
Spiritual Ascension and the Subconscious
Laws, Rules and Common Sense
Spiritual Ideas
Be In Love
Peace Is Natural
We’re Like Eggs
The Purpose of Confession
Free Will and Fate
My Religion is Love
Jesus Said “Love Your Enemy”
Yin Yang
This Is Not Real Life
Don’t Give Up (Usually)
What Is A Blessing?
Mantra Meditation
Relationships and Your Heart
Moods Are Contagious
UFOs Are Real Extraterrestrials
Judgments of Others
There Is No Enemy
Free Enterprise
The Second Amendment
Cigarettes Are Suicide
Pain and Suffering
“The Chosen People”
Life Is a School
Edgar Cayce
Angels Don’t Have Wings
Real Astrology