The Universal Christ and Jesus


These articles clear up many of the misunderstandings about Jesus and The Christ.  This is what I call Christianity 3.0.

The Universal Christ


The Christ is Universal meaning that it is God’s primary spirit pattern of Love for all mankind.  When I use the term “Christ”, I am always referring to The Universal Christ.

I am using and explaining the term “Universal Christ” here to make a distinction from the Christ of Christianity.  That interpretation of Christ is very good in many ways.  However, there are some misinterpretations, additions and omissions which are not correct.  Some of these will be explained in the following articles.  Sometimes it has been called “Churchianity”.

That “Christ” is the concept of one religion.  People of other religions may think it is not about their religion.  Agnostics and atheists, people of no religion, may feel it has nothing to do with them.  Christianity does not have a monopoly on The Christ though the name of their religion may seem to imply that they do.  The Christ is beyond words.  It would be helpful if we had some other word that was not so closely associated with any one religion.

The great prophets, founders, teachers and leaders of all religions were inspired by this One Spirit of Love we call The Christ.  Some manifested it more clearly than others.  Some included concepts of their own based on their culture and time.

With all due respect to these great religious founders and prophets, Jesus is the one who was sent by God and most clearly manifested this spirit consciousness of God’s Love in its most pure form.  Of course, Jesus was Jewish and did not intend to found a new religion after Himself.  We did that.

The Universal Christ is the primary Messiah, the spirit that shows us the way back to God.  We call Jesus The Messiah because He was the human who manifested this spirit to show us the way.  Whether or not one ever heard of Jesus, believes in Him or not, the Great Love within our heart and conscience is the sign of The Messiah within us.

No matter what your religion, even if you’re agnostic or atheist, The Universal Christ is the primary foundation for your spiritual or ethical life.  You are free to express it in any way you like.


                       The  Christ  Is  The  Light  Of  God Within Us

The word “Christ”
Means The Light of God Within Us.
It doesn’t really matter what you call it,
And it’s not the same as the religion of Christianity.

 The Christ is an integral part of us
Like cells in the same body.
We’re the Body of Christ.

 Jesus came to show this to us.
He wants each of us to accept
Our own Christhood.
As we see it in ourselves
We see it in everyone.

 We are all One in God.
This Christ within us
Is our connection to God.

 This life is like a dream
In The Light of God’s Eternal Reality.
By awakening to our Christ Self,
We save ourselves from many illusions
Of loss, sorrow, aging and death.

Forgiveness is the key
To release the illusions.
As we blame and condemn
Others for their faults,
So we condemn ourselves.

 We forgive little children
Because they know no better.
We’re all God’s children.
Jesus said, “Forgive them,
For they know not what they do”.                                                                                                                           

If He can forgive them for being crucified,
Then we can forgive others
For their offences.
Let’s give the world a gift
Let’s give one to Jesus too.
What He wants most in this world
Is just for us to Love each other.  


The Christ In You

We might think of God like the Sun, the Source of Light and Life.  Christ is the Light which is the essence of our life.  Jesus is the man who showed us the Christ.  We are not separate from our Source which is Unconditional Love.  We are all One in God.  Our true selves are already in Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is not a religion, it’s a state of mind in our hearts.  It could be called anything or nothing.  It’s the same One God Source for everyone.  A person could think of himself as any religion, an agnostic or an atheist, but in performing acts of human kindness demonstrates Christ Consciousness.

There’s a basic religious misconception that we should put God’s Will for us above our own will.  God has no specific Will for us.  If God did it would be a violation of our free will.  God hopes we will be inspired by Love, and use our free will creatively for the good of all including ourselves.  (See “God’s Will and Our Free Will”.)  God does have a general plan for us that would be wise for us to choose and develop.

We were originally Created as spirits in Heaven (God’s realm).  A part of us seemed to have left.  We forgot our own divine nature.  We ignore or block out the Christ within us in many ways every day.  All the horrors of this world will pass away as in a dream, our true selves untouched except for the love, learning and growth.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

In The Bible Jesus says , “I am in my Father, you are in me, and I in you.”  “I am the vine, you are the branches.” “Let the mind that is in Christ be in you.”  The Dead Sea Scrolls are also Biblical texts found in 1945 where Jesus says “All that I have done, you shall do and more.”  (See “The Lost Books Of The Bible”).

Jesus came to show us the state of mind based on who we really are which will allow our true abilities to develop.  We will overcome poverty, illness, aging, and death in spirit.  Jesus was the man who came to remind us of The Christ we all are.  He was a Christ realized being, but not the one and only.  Christianity holds him up as a model for us, but in thinking of Him as the one and only Son of God, He is an unattainable ideal.  We are all the sons and daughters of God.  We just need to realize it more fully. Accept your own Christhood.  It’s not egotistical to think that your true self is a Christ.  It’s egotistical to think you are not.  The Second Coming of Christ has to do with an awakening to this consciousness within us all.

The Christian religions have preserved many of the teachings of Jesus, but as they were understood then and misunderstood since.  We don’t have to believe in Jesus to gain eternal life, we already are eternal.  We create Hell for ourselves until we learn.  There is no need to fear God who is all loving.  It’s important to respect God.  There are no unforgivable sins.  “Sins” are errors with no judgment from God to even be forgiven.  We will eventually learn to correct the errors of our ways in this life or the next.  (See  “Reincarnation”)  We must forgive ourselves and each other to be free of our own false judgments and the consequences they carry.

The “Christian” concept that Jesus was a ransom sacrifice that died for our sins in a pagan concept and misunderstood.  It makes people feel guilty and follow the church doctrines if they want to get to Heaven.  “Sins” are mistakes that can be corrected and “forgiven” or released because of our leaning and growth, not just because we believe in Jesus “who died on the cross for forgiveness of our sins”.  God instructed Abraham, the father of the Hebrew/Christian people 2000 years before Jesus to stop animal sacrifice.  However, the old practice continued.  The God of Love certainly does not want a human sacrifice of life.  All God wants is our love in return.  The crucifixion of Jesus represents the crucifixion of the Christ Consciousness of those living then, and would not be much different today.  Jesus would not have us remember Him by a symbol of the crucifixion, but of the resurrection.  He promotes love, joy, and forgiveness, not sorrow and guilt.  The Christ Light of Love in our heart is the road back to Heaven no matter what it is called.

Christ Consciousness is a spontaneous flow of love in action.  No organization can claim it as its own, for it’s beyond all human organization, yet flows through them all and every individual.  It’s not about religious customs and traditions that separate us rather than bring us together.  It’s how we feel about and treat each other and ourselves.  It’s about our priorities in life.  There are many creative expressions of Christ Consciousness that go by other names or no names.

“A Course in Miracles” is a book about Christ Consciousness that focuses on forgiveness as the key to inner peace and the Kingdom of Heaven within.  Resentment held over the years leads to many illnesses.  Forgiveness does not mean that those you feel hurt you were right, but that you release it to God.  Anger must be relinquished totally.  There is no justification.  It primarily hurts the one who is angry.

Jesus’ final words were forgiveness even for his own physical death.  “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  He came to show us the way.  It’s not just a philosophical ideal or suggestion, but the answer to our problems.

Christ Consciousness is to forgive those who have done us wrong.  “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”.  This is more than just words in “The Lord’s Prayer”.  It’s what we’re really supposed to do to enter the Kingdom of God within our consciousness.  God forgives us all.  We are of God’s essence, so we can forgive each other too.  Then there would be peace on Earth.


God is Love
And so are our true spirit selves.
Only Love is Real, everything else is illusion.
(A Course In Miracles) 


The Teachings Of Jesus, The Jews, Gentiles, Christians, And The World

Jesus, The Apostles, disciples and most of the original followers were all Hebrews which are the same as Jews.  As the teachings of Jesus became prominent, Peter and most of the Apostles and disciples believed that the teachings of Jesus were for only the Jews, and that any new followers who were not Jewish must convert to Judaism.

Paul believed that the teachings of Jesus were for everyone including the gentiles (non-Jews).  This was a major divisive issue of the time.  Paul went ahead and taught the teachings of Jesus in many countries without trying to convert them to Judaism.

In the years after Jesus there were many versions of Christianity and other gospels besides the four in our Bible.  Many of these were discovered in 1945 in what are known as The Dead Sea Scrolls or Lost Books Of The Bible (see the article on “The Lost Books of the Bible”).

At the Council Of Nicea in 325 A.D., Emperor Constantine of Rome sought to unify the empire by unifying the various Christian gospels, and so the four that we know were decided upon.  This is the subject of two documentaries on The History Channel called “Banned From The Bible” and “Banned From The Bible II.  It should be remembered that these four gospels are not the beginning and end of all the teachings of Jesus.

Eventually this gave rise to the new religion of Christianity.  Over the centuries, Christianity developed its own beliefs, teachings, traditions, customs, and denominations that went beyond the original teachings of Jesus.  This is what I call Christianity 2.0.

In a similar sense today, most Christians believe that the teachings of Jesus are for only the Christians, and that new followers must convert to Christianity.

The teachings of this website are in the tradition of Paul in that they are not only for Christians, but all of the world.  The love and truth that Jesus taught cannot be confined to one religion, but are meaningful to people of all religions, agnostics and atheists as well.


Message To The Jews

I was born and raised Jewish.  We celebrated the holidays, went to temple on a couple of them, and I went to religious school on Saturdays.  I became an atheist very young.  After college, I discovered God in my own way.  I was never a traditional Christian.

I once asked my father what was the difference between Jews and Christians.  He explained to me that Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God and The Messiah and Jews don’t.  He said that Jews believe that Jesus was a teacher (though we never heard a word about Him in religious school).  The words “Jesus” and “Christ” are never spoken in any good Jewish home or temple.  It is actually a subtle form of bigotry though nothing bad is ever said about Him.

The Jews rejected what the Christians misunderstood.

In the days when Jesus lived, the Jews were looking for The Messiah, the great leader from God that would free them from Roman domination.  This was certainly not Jesus.  He taught about inner freedom, not armed conflict against the Romans.  Now, 2000 years later, we see that His life and death was the foundation of one of the world’s greatest religions.  However, since the split into separate religions, the Jews have still retained the disbelief in Him as the Messiah.  There is a small group of Jews often called “Jews for Jesus” who believe that He was.

The Christian religion developed about Jesus and His teachings.  It was a different culture from the Jews and both cultures were passed on from one generation to the next.  Jesus never meant to found a new religion, but to develop and expand Judaism to be all inclusive.  The Christian religion developed its own teachings and traditions which were not all necessarily taught by Jesus.  He had no New Testament Bible, only the Old Testament of the Jews based on the Books and Laws of Moses.  One fundamental difference is that the Old Testament taught “an eye for an eye” (justice or revenge?) and Jesus taught love and forgiveness.  

The term “Son of God” is a point of misunderstanding.  In a sense, we’re all the sons and daughters of God.  However, Jesus is the most elder brother. 

Jesus represents the Great Spirit of The Christ who is the real Messiah of the world.
You don’t need to become a Christian.
You just need to stop rejecting and ignoring Him as you have for 2000 years.
You need to recognize Him as the Messiah and learn from Him.
“None come to the Father but through me” should be
None come to the Father but through Love.

                Myths About Jesus

There was no angel foretelling His birth.
There was no bright star of Bethlehem.
There were no shepherds
Or wise men with gifts at His birth.

An angel warned Joseph and Mary
To flee to Egypt to save Jesus’s life
Which Herod would have taken.
But there was no killing of the first born.

 He had discourses with the Rabbis
That threatened their beliefs.
They would have killed him,
But He fled the country to save His life.
That’s why we don’t know
Where He was or what He did
Between the ages of twelve and thirty.
(See  “The Missing Years of Jesus”.)

Most of the miracles are true
Except turning water into wine.
He did not turn over the merchants tables
At the temple in anger,
But explained that the temple
Was not a place of business.

 The story that Saul of Tarsus
Who had persecuted Jesus
Had a miraculous vision of Jesus
On the road to Damascus
And then became known as Paul the Apostle
Is not true.
They were two different people.

 Jesus did not come bearing a sword.
(Matthew 10:34)
Because was the Prince of Peace.
The story in “The Book of Revelations”
About Him leading God’s Army
In the battle of Armageddon
Is preposterous.                                                                                                    


                                The Miracles of Jesus

The Gospel of John says that the miracles reported are but a portion of them all.
Jesus said, “… even though you do not believe me, believe the miracles,
That you may know and understand
That The Father is in me, and I in The Father.
Each miracle involves a specific teaching, usually faith.
He often said it is not I who heals you, but your faith.
The Pharisees or Hebrew priests objected to His healing on the Sabbath
And recommended the death penalty
For violating the Hebrew law against working on the Sabbath.
Jesus said, “If one of you has a child who falls in a well on the Sabbath
Would you not immediately pull him out?”
Jesus did not turn water into wine
Which would have been a very superficial miracle.
He did turn a couple loaves of bread and a few fish
Into enough to feed about 50 people (not 5000 as said in The Bible)
He performed similar miracles often.
He helped give the blind faith to see.
He helped give faith to many lepers to be cured.
He helped give faith to many paralytics to walk.
He said, “Get up and walk, your sins are forgiven”.
He helped give faith to a woman who had been bleeding from her period
For months (not 12 years as in The Bible)
She touched his cloak and was cured gradually (not instantly as in The Bible)
He healed many people of dropsy (swelling of tissue due to excess water).
He healed many deaf and mute.
As Jesus passed through Gennesart
All who touch His cloak were healed.
In the famous exorcism in Gerasenes, there were two men (not one)
With “legions” of demons (about 25) between them.
Jesus sent the demons back to where they came from.
There was a confusion that He sent the demons into some pigs that died in a lake.
Actually, the pigs were ill and died, and someone put them in the lake.
There are too many more exorcisms to list and many more not known.
There was the famous resurrection of Lazarus from the dead.
He also resurrected the daughter of Jarius,
A young man from Nain,
And many more.
He calmed many storms.
It is not true that he cursed a fig tree and it withered.
There are many more miracles not reported in the four gospels,
Many can be found in the gospel “The Infancy of Thomas”
Some of which are true and others are not.
Other miracles are reported in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
(See  “The Lost Books Of The Bible”.)
Jesus cast out more demons,
Healed more people,
And raised more from the dead
Than we will ever know.


The Missing Years of Jesus

The Bible says very little about the first 30 years of the life of Jesus.  There is the story of his birth which is largely a myth (See “The Bible”).  It says He was the son of a carpenter and worked as a carpenter.  He studied the Hebrew Scriptures.  He performed some miracles before the age of 12 which are not in The Bible.  He healed many sick people and cast out demons.  He tried out His powers by doing things we would call real magic (not tricks) today.  He moved things with His mind and levitated.  Then there’s the story when He’s about 12 years old discoursing with the Hebrew scholars.  This created quite a controversy since many of the things He said were not in the scriptures.  Many of the priests and others reacted against Him.  They accused Him of blasphemy.  He believed His life was in danger.  He decided to flee the country far away to save His life.  This is why there is nothing about Him for the next 18 years until He returned at 30 years old and is baptized by John the Baptist.  The next three and final years of His life are in The Bible, but with some errors and misconceptions.  (See “Myths About Jesus”,  “Miracles of Jesus”, and other articles about Jesus and The Christ.)

There’s a book called, “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ” which is written in a Biblical format and describes His travels to esoteric schools in India, He saw the pyramids in Egypt, and was in Alexandria before the great library was burned.  This was so.  There are stories today in India of a great man who came from the West, born of a virgin, healed the sick and performed many miracles in India, returned to the West and did the same, and was crucified.  There are many other similar books and videos that claim He traveled to these parts of the world, and learned from the Buddhists and Hindus.  Jesus’s knowledge came partly from them, but mainly directly from God.

I was watching a program called “The Lost Sea Voyage of Jesus” in a series called “Secrets of Christianity” produced and hosted by Simcah Jacobici.  He says this voyage is mentioned in three of the four Gospels including Matthew 8:24, Mark, and Luke.  There is speculation that He went to one of three cities across the small sea or lake of Galilee.  The location has not been certain for all these years.  However, Simcah presents excellent evidence that this is not so, and He went to Spain.  He was apparently asked by someone to leave Spain and return home. 

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married secretly in Israel when He was twelve years old and she was a few years older.  They spent a few years in France.  They also spent a few years in Italy including Rome, Florence and Venice.  They were especially disappointed at the Catholic Church.  They traveled to Spain, Austria, Germany, Turkey, and Egypt.  Then they went to India where they met both Buddhists and Hindus.  They spent several years studying and learning from great teachers.  They also taught much everywhere they went, and He was healing and performing miracles.  They settled in England and Wales.  These healings and miracles are recorded, but the records are still lost.

I recently saw a short video on the internet about a book called “The Missing Years of Jesus – The Greatest Story Never Told” by Dennis Price.  Mr. Price’s book is correct.  This can be found on the internet under  Mr. Price has done some very serious investigation that validates that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and lived in the West of England and the South of Wales for many years.  Jesus and Mary lived mainly in Glastonbury, Cornwall, Summerset, and in the vicinity of Stonehenge.  He has been endorsed by many scholars. academics,  archeologists and others.  He claims to have much specific evidence.

Mr. Price quotes the famous English poet William Blake whose following poem is famous, popular, and sung all over Britain at weddings, funerals, sporting events, etc.:

“And did those feet in ancient times
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the Holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?”

I’ve also seen a BBC documentary called “Jesus in India?” with a segment in the middle about Jesus in England.  His great uncle Joseph of Arimethea did not take responsibility for Him then.  He was a wealthy and religious merchant in the tin trade who traveled for business often between Palestine and England.  He kept in touch with Jesus in England and helped as he could.  Jesus was instrumental in converting many pagan Druids to The Truth and starting the same in many areas of England.  This later became Christianity.  Though this documentary was speculative and contained some errors, it did bring attention to the fact that Jesus was in India and England.

There are several other references to Jesus in India including by Paul Davis.  This is a brief trailer for the DVD and books.

There is a reference to “The Lost Years of Jesus: The Life of Saint Issa” translated by Notovitch.  This is the story of Jesus in India.  It is part of The Reluctant Messenger series on the internet under 

Joseph of Arimethea is mentioned briefly in The Bible.  He’s known for taking Jesus off of the cross and into the tomb or grave.

Jesus undoubtedly knew what He was in for when He returned to Israel.  He carried out His mission as The Messiah as best as possible knowing the opposition would kill Him sooner or later.:




You Don’t Need To Know Jesus To Get To Heaven
You Just Need Love

Jesus is Love.
If you “believe in Jesus”
But don’t have love,
It will do you little good.

 Many people in non-Christian countries
Don’t know Jesus.
Many people in Christian countries
Don’t believe in Jesus.
But if they have love,
It will guide them truly.


“None Come To The Father But Through Me”

Jesus said, “None come to The Father but through Me”.
The man Jesus was speaking as the Spiritual Christ which He often did.
He was an incarnation of The Christ spirit.
The Christ is God’s Love.
None come to The Father but through love.
It doesn’t matter whether one has ever heard of or believes in Jesus as long as he or she has love.


                                       Jesus Did Not Die For Forgiveness of Our “Sins”

 We’ve all made mistakes, errors or “sins”
None of these are unforgiveable by God.
(See  “We Are Not Sinners”)
God makes no judgment in the first place
And so there is nothing for God to forgive.
At the core of our being
That God Created
We are not sinners.

 Jesus “died” on the cross
Because of the ignorance of those
Who were living at that time.
They were threatened by His teachings,
Many contrary to Hebrew Law,
And especially of forgiveness
Instead of cruel revenge.

 The idea that God wanted
Jesus’s death as ransom sacrifice for our “sins”,
Is pagan, barbaric, and superstitious,
And He surely didn’t die
For those not even born yet.

 His body was crucified,
But He was alive in spirit.
And He came back to prove it.

 If He did come back today
He wouldn’t fit the image
That we have of Him.
So He’d be called a liar
And a blasphemer too.
He would most likely be persecuted,
Jailed and executed again
Because of our ignorance now.

 Many believe that
“Everything happens for a reason”
And so assume that Jesus was crucified
For a reason.
But the reason is not what Christians assume.
It was not to be a “sacrifice for our sins”,
But the “crucifixion of Love
And Christ Consciousness
That He represented at that time.

 We didn’t need Jesus to “die”
For God to forgive our “sins”.
God forgives them anyway.

We need to forgive ourselves and each other
And do better from now on.


              The Immaculate Conception

Most Christians accept this on faith.
Many do not believe it’s possible.

 He was born by Immaculate Conception,
But it was not a pregnancy and vaginal birth.
He materialized as an infant to Mary.
It was an apparition of consciousness.


Jesus May Have Not Been Crucified

I learned from a spirit source that Jesus was not crucified, but escaped to France with his wife Mary Magdalene and their two sons. They traveled like they did during his 18 missing years and probably settled in England. This would mean that he did not rise from death. This is a problem for basic Christian beliefs. It’s not important whether he did or didn’t. He raised Lazarus and others from death. He was the greatest spiritual teacher in any case.


                                Mary Magdalene

 There were three Mary’s in Jesus’ life:

       1.  Mary, His mother.
      2.  Mary, a concubine, who men started to stone to death,
             But were stopped by Jesus when He said,
            “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”
      3.  Mary Magdalene, confused for Mary, the concubine,
             Because of unclear Bible references and men’s attempt to belittle women.
             The Catholic Church acknowledged this confusion in the 1960’s.
            She was a very wise woman,
            The head of the female apostles,  along with Susana
            She was His wife in a secret marriage,
            And mother of their two sons.
            She traveled through India and Europe, and lived in England with Jesus
            During all of His missing years between the ages of 12 to 30.
            (See “The Missing Years of Jesus”, “The Lost Books of The Bible”
            “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene”.)


John The Baptist

John’s mother Elizabeth was a cousin of Jesus’s mother Mary.  His parents were an older couple without children as the Bible says.

The Bible says that while Zechariah was a priest burning incense in the temple, he was greeted by the angel Gabriel, who told him that Elizabeth would bear a child to be named John, and who would “make ready for the Lord a people prepared”.  It also says that he could not speak until the child was born.  None of this is true.

The Bible also says that six months later, the same angel came to Mary and told her she would bear a child who would be The Messiah.  She was also told that Elizabeth was pregnant.  None of this is true.  However, the two women visited often.  Elizabeth was pregnant, but Mary was not (See “The Immaculate Conception Of Jesus”).

The four gospels of The New Testament quote the prophet Isaiah, “A voice cries in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord”.  Mark also quotes Malachi, “Behold, I send my messenger to prepare the way before me”.  However they did not know it was John.

The Bible says that John was with the Essenes who were spiritually advanced and settled in Qumran.  John was only with them temporarily.  They were purists and opposed the current line of priests.  John was not a purist, but also opposed the priests.  The Bible says they preached messages of divine judgment.  They did not, but John did.  They were more compassionate and forgiving, John more condemning and judgmental.

John located his ministry in the wilderness of Judea near the river Jordan.  It’s said that he wore rough garb like that of Elijah which is not true.  It’s also said that he ate locusts and wild honey as if it were his whole diet. He ate them occasionally.  He preached a message of repentance.  The Bible says that John said, “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire”, and “He who has two coats, let him share with him who has none; and he who has food, let him do likewise”.  He didn’t actually say these things.  He didn’t teach of rituals, but of social justice. 

By the time Jesus appeared on the scene, John had already attracted a considerable following.  Many thought he was The Messiah or the return of Elijah.  He was neither.

Jesus’s ministry began before He was baptized by John in the river Jordan. The Bible says His ministry began then, there was a rainbow in the sky and a dove landed on Him.  This is not true.  God said in a voice heard psychically by all, “This is my Beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased”.  At the time of the baptism, John understood that Jesus was The Messiah (the One sent by God to show The Way), but he later had doubts and confusion.

Some of John’s followers went with Jesus.  John carried on his own ministry separately.  John wanted his own following and was jealous of Jesus.  John was not clear about which of them was The Messiah.  Later he questioned whether Jesus was The Messiah when he was in prison.

John was very outspoken against King Herod Antipas, accusing him of breaking Jewish law in marrying his half-brother’s wife while he was still alive.  She became known as Herodias.  The story is that at a banquet given by Herod, he promised Salome, the daughter of Herodias, that he would give her anything she asked if she would dance for him.  Salome, at her mother’s request, asked for John’s head on a platter which she got.  Actually, there was no dance or head on a platter.  Herodias hated John for his public accusations.  She allowed the King to have Salome’s sexual favors whenever he wanted if he would execute John, which he did.  It is commonly believed that John was beheaded, but he was stoned to death in secret since the Jews were not allowed to execute people under Roman law.  John was not executed for supporting Jesus, but for attacking Herod and his wife.  Herodias’s adultery was irrelevant to Jesus’s ministry.  Jesus was already attracting more attention than He wanted from Herod and the court, and preferred to keep a lower profile and not upset them.  John was not part of Jesus’s mission.

John the Baptist was the bridge between the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  He was considered the greatest prophet of his time, and many though he was The Messiah.  The Hebrews were expecting an aggressive Messiah that would free them from Roman domination.  Jesus made no attempt to do this, and instead talked about inner freedom.  When John baptized Jesus and proclaimed Him to be the promised One, he passed the mantle of authority he had over to Jesus.


         Judas Iscariot

Judas was perhaps the most advanced apostle
Next to Mary Magdalene.

It’s commonly believed that he betrayed Jesus
For thirty pieces of silver.
That was perhaps a minor reason.

 Some people think that Jesus wanted
Judas to betray Him to fulfill His destiny.
This is not the case.

 Judas was a Zealot,
A sect of Jews
That believed in the
Overthrow of Roman domination.
He believed that the arrest of Jesus
Would provoke an armed rebellion.
After he saw his mistake
He hung himself in guilt.
He suffered from this guilt
For many years after his death.
The Romans would have crucified him anyway
For being a supporter of Jesus.
His name has become synonymous with traitor.
God wants us to forgive him,
And stop referring to him in this way.


          Christmas  is  a  Remembrance Of  Our  Own  Christhood

There’s no separation between God and us.
Our true selves are eternally pure, perfect and innocent.

Christ is love from the heart.
The name is not important.
We all have an ego
Which masks the Christ within us.
Jesus broke through the mask
To show us our true selves.

 “All that I have done, you shall do and more.”
He said in “The Dead Sea Scrolls”.

 We’ve always denied our Christ self,
Abused and persecuted it in others.

 We’re equally the sons and daughters of God,
Created to treat each other as such.
Our elder brother Jesus
Came to help us remember
To recognize the Christ
In ourselves and each other.

 Let’s remember that this Christmas
And every day as well.
And then there’ll really be
Peace on Earth, Good Will to All.

Jesus May Be Living in Russia Now

There is a spiritual teacher in Siberia, Russia who claims to be Jesus reincarnated. He’s known as The Teacher or Vissarion. His name was Sergei Torop. He’s at least 59 years old. He has a community there of about 2,000 people and has about 5,000 follows world wide. He is a prolific writer. He has long hair and wears a white robe. The community is vegan vegetarian. The community authorities hold the members passports (I wonder about this). You can Google many videos about him under Jesus in Russia. Many people have claimed to be Jesus. A spirit source told me he is the real Jesus.

  The New Age and Christianity

The New Age is a movement that started in the early 1970’s mostly in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sedona, Arizona and other places.  It’s a spiritual and humanitarian movement.  I’m from the New Age community in Los Angeles.  We hoped to help bring peace to the world.  The movement is almost forgotten now and the world has gotten worse.  The New Age is not an organization.  It’s a general name for many groups and individuals with similar ideals in many areas.  Spirituality has grown around the world and is the essence of the New Age.

The New Age embraces Christian ideals without calling it Christian.  We do not have the Christian customs, rituals, traditions and language.  Though there are some good parts of the Bible, we are not interested in it.  Many of us are interested in Eastern religions.  Spirituality is the unreligion.  We are similar to the Gnostics from the time of Jesus and the early Christian church.  The Gnostics were not members of the church and considered heretics.  They developed their spirituality as individuals or small groups.  Some Christians today are against the New Age because we embrace Christian and other religious teachings but not the traditions of the Christian church.